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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: To inform people of the dolphin threat.

Q: How can the dolphins kill us?

A: Click here.

Q: Why would the dolphins want to take over the world?

A: Why wouldn't they? They have a bigger brain and already had control of 70% of the earth's surface. T he next logical step is to take the other 30% over and enslave/kill humans. Wouldn't you?

Q: You guys are losers.

A: Sorry, I only answer questions.

Q: Are river dolphins a threat too?

A: Not sure. River dolphins aren't really dolphins at all. Since river water is muddy, most of them are nearly blind (some don't even have lenses in their eyes), they are not in the same family as dolphins, and they are smaller than dolphins. For more information on river dolphins, click here. However, they are labeled as dolphins, therefore making them somewhat suspicious and untrustworthy.

Q: So do you want me to go kill the dolphins?

A: No. The Anti-Dolphin Organization does not condone the killing of dolphins. The only time that we will condone the killing of dolphins is when they attack humans.

Q: Are whales a threat?

A: Yes. Whales are of the same family as dolphins.

Q: Whales are bigger than dolphins, why isn't this site ""

A: There are two possible answers to this question. Dolphins may be more intelligent and can control the whales' minds. Whales are just muscle to the dolphins.

- or -

Whales and dolphins look past their differences and work together to destroy us.

Q: Is this site against a type of fish called "dolphin" too?

A: Fish dolphins are nothing like dolphins, they are just innocent fish misnamed by dolphin-loving ichthyologists. Fish dolphins are to be treated the same as other fish. Maybe they should be given a different name to protect their innocence in this terrific struggle between the two most powerful physical presences on this Earth: Humans and dirty-stinking dolphins.


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