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Save our race. Know the truth.

The Anti-Dolphin Organization is committed to informing others of the dolphin threat. Humans all around the world must unite to withstand the dolphin's corruptive ways. So we urge you to save our race by knowing the truth. Thank you.

ANTI-DOLPHIN NEWS: has a HUGE jump in activity!

I would like to thank everyone for visiting our site! ...but where are you coming from? Where did you hear of this site? Please leave a post in the guestbook telling me where you heard of our site? I've heard we were on the radio or on some website (or both) however we are still unsure. So, if you would, please tell us where you heard of! Thank you and remember... HUMANS RULE!!

UPDATE: Wow,!!! That's where all this traffic is coming from! It's funny: only a week ago I started going to (the "Photoshop this" is great). And someone, somehow got us linked from fark! Yesterday, this site had around 2500 hits since 12/25/00... today it's gotten over 7500!!! The weird thing is: I totally over looked the posting earlier today (I guess I wanted to view the "Photoshop this" of the baseball players). Anyway, I'd like to thank you again for visiting!

March is National Anti-Dolphin Month

Today the Anti-Dolphin Organization has declared that the month of March is National Anti-Dolphin Month! Humans RULE!!

Two More Dolphin Scenarios added!

Could they be aliens to this planet? Could they be causing coastal flooding? Click the "Dolphin Scenarios" button for more information.

Thank you for visiting! We've been getting several hits per day lately!

Every one of us at the Anti-Dolphin Organization would like to thank you for visiting the site and spreading the word to the ignorant in hopes that one day they too will see the light. I'm so proud to be a human! HUMANS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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