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Anti-Dolphin Resources

If you know of any Anti-Dolphin related web pages out there, then please contact us.

The Anti Dolphin League Operations Manual

Well, it's great to see that the Antidolphin League is back in business!

Death to Dolphins

Not only is this site anti-dolphin, it features Dolphin recipes... It's not my cup-o-tea, but interesting nevertheless.

Anti Dolphin LiveJournal Group

Looks like a nice bunch of anti-dolphin humans!

Amy Scott

This wonderful woman hosted parts of while it was down. The ADO is thankful for her support!

"[They] hope to enlighten you to the true issues behind whales. These evil, overgrown mammals have taken over the seas of humankind, and have made suckers out of many of you as a shield for money hungry, overly political eco terrorists!"

Upright Citizens Brigade

Humans rule! Dolphins can suck it!

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